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About United

United Networks Limited is a telecommunications business specialising in voice, data and value-add services. UNL’s products include global roaming SIM cards, local telecommunications services, location-based services including emergency services and very recently launched Wi-Fi solutions. One of UNL’s key differentiators in the global roaming industry is its ability to provide Enterprise Customers with access to real-time location data. This has allowed UNL to assist travellers in emergency situations such as the Nepal Earthquakes and Paris Attacks. UNL is looking to grow its business through customer acquisitions, new product developments and additional white-label partnerships both in Australia and overseas.

Corporate Governance

The Company’s Board of Directors is responsible for the corporate governance and overall accountability in UNL. UNL’s Directors regularly review its corporate governance framework and are committed to conducting its business with integrity at the highest standard. UNL takes its governance policies very seriously and is committed to maximising performance and shareholder value.


Download all of our latest reports for detailed information on United’s financial performance, key achievements and insights into the annual general meetings.

DateNameSizeTypeDownload File
11/11/2020  Hubify Investor Presentation November 2020 1257 KBPresentations
11/11/2020  HFY Investor Presentation and Webinar 1399 KBPresentations
14/10/2020  UNL October 2020 Investor Presentation Update 165 KBPresentations
01/10/2020  United Networks Limited-Annual Financial Report-30 June 2020 550 KBResults
28/09/2020  Corporate Governance Compliance Statement 28.09 2020 456 KBPolicies
17/09/2020  A Telco Transformed Ready to Scale 4130 KBResults
30/04/2020  United Networks Quarterly Cashflow March 2020 653 KBResults
30/04/2020  United Networks Quarterly Update and 4C Summary March 2020 157 KBResults
27/09/2019  Corporate Governance Compliance Statement 27.09 2019 456 KBPolicies
28/04/2019  Confirmation of Release - UNL - Appendix 4C - quarterly 544 KBResults
28/02/2019  United Networks Limited Appendix 4D Half-year report 1143 KBResults
31/01/2019  UNL Business Update December 2018 732 KBPresentations
31/10/2018  Business Update - September 2018 687 KBPresentations
31/10/2018  UNL Annual Report 2018 11755 KBAnnual Report
24/09/2018  Corporate Governance Compliance Statement 24.09.2018 131 KBPolicies
27/08/2018  Appendix 4E - Preliminary Final Report - 30 June 2018 1098 KBResults
23/04/2018  Business Overview - April 2018 7598 KBPresentations
23/11/2017  UNL Annual General Meeting Results 2017 119 KBResults
23/10/2017  UNL Annual Report 2017 10613 KBAnnual Report
27/09/2017  Corporate Governance Compliance Statement 27.09.2017 198 KBPolicies
27/09/2017  Annual Financial Report - 30 June 2017 609 KBResults
27/02/2017  United Networks Limited Half Year Financial Statements 31/12/2016 1077 KBResults
05/01/2017  United Networks Limited Replacement Prospectus 6823 KBProspectus

Announcements & Media

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DateNameSizeTypeDownload File
24/11/2020  Hubify Directors and Executive Team Increases Shareholdings Position 3169 KBASX
09/11/2020  Hubify Limited (ASX:HFY) Investor Webinar and Brand Launch Interview with CEO 199 KBMedia
05/11/2020  UNL - Change of Company Name and Ticker Code 491 KBASX
30/10/2020  UNL Quarterly Activity Report Q1 FY2021 1407 KBASX
26/10/2020  UNL AGM Results of Meeting 658 KBASX
26/10/2020  UNL AGM CEO Presentation 9594 KBASX
26/10/2020  UNL AGM Chairman's Address 510 KBASX
22/10/2020  UNL Signs WA Expansion Deal 163 KBASX
21/10/2020  Cleansing Notice 173 KBASX
21/10/2020  UNL Broadland Acquisition Release from Escrow 134 KBASX
21/10/2020  UNL Appendix 2A 28 KBASX
20/10/2020  Update - Proposed issue of Securities - UNL 28 KBASX
15/10/2020  Release from Escrow 165 KBASX
14/10/2020  UNL October 2020 Investor Presentation Update 165 KBASX
14/10/2020  UNL October 2020 Investor Presentation Update 5125 KBASX
08/10/2020  United Networks Annual Report 2020 5981 KBASX
30/04/2020  TenterfieldStar- COVID-19 tracking Australian company has the tech ready to go KBMedia
21/04/2020  BorderMail - COVID-19 tracking Australian company has the tech ready to go KBMedia
21/04/2020  Canberra Times - COVID-19 tracking- Australian company has the tech ready to go KBMedia
21/04/2020  AFR - United approach KBMedia
21/04/2020  AFR-United Networks wants in on the government's tracing app 3892 KBMedia
21/04/2020  Leader- COVID-19 tracking Australian company has the tech ready to go 264 KBMedia
02/03/2020  Morningstar Feature of United Networks - Market Valuation 110 KBMedia
02/03/2020  NAB Stock Report 27.2.2020 385 KBMedia
02/03/2020  United Networks makes positive headwinds in 1H20 872 KBMedia
02/03/2020  United Networks leads the pack after booking its first profit 482 KBMedia
02/03/2020  United Networks gets a bargains with double service provider buy 376 KBMedia
03/12/2019  UNL Acquires two Service Providers & Operational Update 202 KBASX
24/10/2019  Confirmation of Release - UNL - Appendix 3B 804 KBASX
21/10/2019  Confirmation of Release - UNL - Acquisition of the Broadland Group 641 KBASX
21/10/2019  Confirmation of Release - UNL - Letter to Shareholders 547 KBASX
21/10/2019  Confirmation of Release - UNL - Chairman's Address to Shareholders KBASX
21/10/2019  Confirmation of Release - UNL - Results of Meeting 656 KBASX
18/10/2019  Confirmation of Release - UNL - Appendix 4C - quarterly 70 KBASX
09/10/2019  UNL Annual Report 2019 11673 KBASX
20/09/2019  Notice of Annual General Meeting FY19 804 KBASX
13/09/2019  UNL Acquires Broadland Solutions Group 558 KBASX
07/02/2019  PRWire - United Networks launches its Global eSIM 2151 KBMedia
07/02/2019  CommsDay - United Network unveils global eSIM 1636 KBMedia
07/02/2019  United Networks Launches Global eSIM 156 KBASX
31/01/2019  Research and Development rebate 575 KBASX
31/01/2019  UNL Business Update December 2018 732 KBASX
31/01/2019  UN Quarterly 4C 506 KBASX
31/01/2019  Research and Development Rebate 575 KBASX
31/01/2019  Business Update - December 2018 732 KBASX
31/01/2019  UNL Appendix 4C Quarterly Cashflow December 2018 506 KBASX
13/01/2019  Release from Escrow 70 KBASX
26/11/2018  UNL Annual General Meeting Results 2018 130 KBASX
26/11/2018  Annual General Meeting 2018 - Chairman’s Address 207 KBASX
25/11/2018  United Networks launches Insurtech solutions to Columbus Direct customers in the UK 137 KBASX
21/11/2018 - United Networks Insurtech Solutions showcased by AIG at the FinTech Festival in Singapore 1448 KBMedia
13/11/2018  AIG showcases United Networks Insurtech solutions 551 KBMedia
05/11/2018  New Global SIM Distribution - WHSmith Travel Stores in Australia 743 KBMedia
31/10/2018  Business Update - September 2018 687 KBASX
31/10/2018  UNL Appendix 4C Quarterly Cashflow September 2018 206 KBASX
24/10/2018  AGM Notice 2018 3848 KBASX
12/10/2018  Communications Elections Form 141 KBOther
27/09/2018  UNL Appendix 4G 2018 193 KBASX
27/09/2018  UNL Annual Financial Report 2018 649 KBASX
27/08/2018  United Networks Limited : Impairement of Goodwill 52 KBASX
13/08/2018  Reinsurance - Chubb partners with UNL and Swiss Re on Travel Delay insurance solution 3611 KBMedia
13/08/2018  Reinsurance - AIG launches suite of app-based travel solutions 3094 KBMedia
08/08/2018  Coverager - United Networks launch Flight Delay Insurance with Chubb 3429 KBMedia
07/08/2018  Vietnam News - UNL & Chubb Launche Flight Delay Insurance in Australia 3041 KBMedia
07/08/2018  Asiaone - Chubb Launches Flight Delay Insurance in Australia 5148 KBMedia
07/08/2018  UNL & Chubb launches flight delay insurance 625 KBASX
06/08/2018  UNL & Chubb launches Insuretech product Flight Delay Insurance 625 KBMedia
03/08/2018  United Networks becomes an Authorised representative of Chubb for its new Insuretech solution 90 KBASX
01/08/2018  UNL Launches Insuretech product for AIG Singapore 168 KBASX
31/07/2018  Business overview and update for June 2018 Quarter 76 KBASX
31/07/2018  4C quarterly report for June 2018 Quarter 183 KBASX
23/05/2018  Covermore Contract Update 125 KBASX
23/04/2018  4C quarterly report for March 2018 Quarter 396 KBASX
23/04/2018  Summary of the UNL quarterly update 109 KBASX
23/04/2018  Business overview and update for March 2018 Quarter 7633 KBASX
28/02/2018  2018 Half Year Report for UNITED NETWORKS LIMITED 990 KBASX
05/02/2018  Transcript of December 2017 4C and Quarterly Update Investor Call 668 KBASX
31/01/2018  UNL Appendix 4C Quarterly Report Q2 2018 454 KBASX
31/01/2018  Business Update Q2 FY2018 995 KBASX
22/11/2017  UNL Annual General Meeting Chairman and CEO's Address 2017 169 KBASX
27/10/2017  September 2017 Quarterly Update 595 KBASX
27/10/2017  Appendix 4C Quarterly Report 439 KBASX
13/10/2017  United Powers the Chubb Connect APAC Rollout 123 KBASX
27/09/2017  UNL Appendix 4G 238 KBASX
27/09/2017  Appointment of Global Business Development Manager 266 KBASX
20/09/2017  Amended Appendices 3X 700 KBASX
01/09/2017  Operational Update August 2017 226 KBASX
01/09/2017  United Networks Appendix 4E Release 297 KBASX
31/07/2017  Investor Presentation Progress Update July 2017 2601 KBASX
28/07/2017  UNL Appendix 4C 30 June 2017 530 KBASX
28/06/2017  Operational Update New Distribution July 2017 172 KBASX
25/05/2017  Investor Presentation Progress Update May 2017 2093 KBASX
18/05/2017  Finance News Network - United Networks partners with Chubb Insurance for Wi-Fi App 7931 KBMedia
17/05/2017  Reuter - United Networks partners with Chubb Insurance for Wi-Fi app 903 KBMedia
17/05/2017  Chubb Insurance partners with United Networks for Wi-Fi App 281 KBASX
28/04/2017  United Networks Quarterly and Appendix 4C Cash Flow Update 530 KBASX
28/02/2017  APP Securities UNL Research Report 1336 KBOther
27/02/2017  Investor Presentation 27 February 2017 4135 KBASX
30/01/2017  United Networks Operational Update 694 KBOther
12/01/2017  Computerworld - Global SIM provider United Networks debuts on ASX 2509 KBMedia
01/01/2017  Share Trading Policy 605 KBOther
01/01/2017  Risk Management and Audit Committee Charter 795 KBOther
01/01/2017  Nomination and Remuneration Committee Charter 932 KBOther
01/01/2017  Continuation and Continuous Disclosure Policy 803 KBOther
01/01/2017  Board Charter 673 KBOther

Share Price

United’s shares are traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and trades under the code UNL. Click on the button below to view our current share price and trends on the ASX website. To find a broker, please click here.

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Board and Senior Management

The Board of Directors of the Company is comprised of the following Directors who bring to the Company relevant industry and business knowledge and experience:

Anthony Ghattas – Non-Executive Chairman

Anthony Ghattas – Non-Executive Chairman

Anthony Ghattas is the former CEO of ASX listed, digital and mobile content development company HWW Limited. Anthony is the Founder and Managing Director of United Lifestyle Group, he has extensive experiences in direct to customer marketing in Australia and overseas which retails consumer direct wines under multiple brands in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Over the last 10 years, Anthony has seen to the growth of United Lifestyle Group across multiple continents.

Charbel Nader – Non-Executive Director

Charbel Nader – Non-Executive Director

Charbel Nader is an investment banker with extensive experience in corporate finance and strategic advisory roles, including experience in mergers and acquisitions. Charbel was the Founding member of Metro Media Publishing Pty Ltd. Charbel is a Director of Madman Entertainment Pty Ltd and a Director of New Talisman Gold Mines Limited (ASX: NTL).

Victor Tsaccounis – Chief Executive Officer

Victor Tsaccounis – Chief Executive Officer

Victor Tsaccounis is an accomplished senior executive in the IT & Telco sector with strong sales expertise and experience in mergers and acquisitions.
Victor has held senior leadership positions including Head of Business at Vodafone Hutchison Australia where he successfully integrated the departments of 3 Mobile and Vodafone during their merger.
As CEO of the Broadland Group, Victor achieved 150% growth in revenue and profit over a 4 year period delivering a significant return to shareholders.

Nicholas Ghattas – Chief Operating Office

Nicholas Ghattas – Chief Operating Office

Nicholas Ghattas has more than 20 years of experience in telecommunications. He has experience in sourcing, developing, building and managing mobile solutions businesses, Nicholas has delivered telecommunications solutions to Enterprise clients. His experience includes roles such as Corporate Financial Accountant at Coopers & Lybrand (PwC) and Director of a mobile retail outlet. Nicholas holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of New South Wales.

Over the last 6 years, Nicholas has built UNL into a successful domestic telecommunications business and has extended the business into the international mobile roaming market through a global roaming solution, available in Australia, Canada, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Michael Potts – Chief Financial Officer

Michael Potts – Chief Financial Officer

Michael Potts is the CFO and Company Secretary of United Networks Limited. Michael has more than 30 years of experience in major firms including Deloitte, Nexia Australia, MasterPack Systems and JUA Underwriting Agency . Michael’s expertise has seen him in roles and responsibilities ranging from consultancy to CFO. Michael holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Macquarie University and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.