SOS Alerts: Security Intelligence on the go

Stay updated on major threats and incidents around the world so you can peacefully enjoy your travels.

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SOS Alerts is a security solution that provides safety and security updates from trusted sources, enabling you to monitor emergency incidents as they occur around the world. Whether it is a man-made event or a natural disaster, stay updated on incidents which may impact your safety and travels.

 Travel risk management on the go

Our SOS Alerts solution provides a user-friendly way to monitor global emergency events as they occur. Simply register online or on the United Networks app.

  • Security Intelligence News Feed
  • Global Coverage
  • Real-time Data Updates
  • Web and App Support
  • Sharing Alerts with Friends and Family
  • Free with Option to Upgrade


Download the United Networks App Today

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SOS 1.

 United SOS Alerts Premium - why choose us?

More than just a crisis notification service, our premium SOS Alerts has a range of innovative features, enabling you and your loved ones to stay informed of your safety status while you travel.

 Nominate emergency contacts
Assign emergency contacts in a few simple steps and keep your loved ones in the loop.

 Customize messages
Personalize messages for your contacts, which will be automatically triggered in an emergency event based on your safety status.

 Respond to emergency alerts
Confirm whether you are Safe or Unsafe when an emergency event occurs in your area. Your emergency contacts will be notified accordingly.

 Filter alerts based on preferences and travel plans
Customize the alerts you receive by filtering by country, type and severity. This will ensure you stay updated on alerts that are relevant to you and your needs.

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 Impact zone alerts and keeping loved ones in the loop 

When you purchase our SOS Alerts Premium service, we will notify you of any immediate dangers and travel disruptions if you happen to be within an impact zone of a major emergency event.

We support:

  • In-app message
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Push notification
  • USSD on the United Global SIM

Simply respond with your safety status via the app, SMS or email and we will automatically notify your nominated emergency contacts. Depending on whether you are SAFE, UNSAFE, or UNRESPONSIVE, your contacts will be notified accordingly.


SOS 3.

 Crisis Management powered by real-time intel

We understand the risks of people management on an international scale. Whether it is a travelling employee or a customer, our SOS Intelligence Platform allows you to proactively track their journey, manage their safety status, and coordinate communications in times of crisis.

Monitor location-based and preference based alerts, delivered to you from trusted sources in the security industry.

Coordinate communication with USSD, SMS, email, push notifications, and in-app messaging. Select the solution most suited to your business requirements and fully customise messages.

When an emergency event occurs, communicate directly with your people to confirm their safety and needs.

Actively track the last-known location and safety status of your people. During a crisis event, utilize data to coordinate on-time response and provide support to those located in the impact zone.

United SOS Alerts app allows your team and customers to monitor events and respond to alerts on the go. At the management level, our bespoke back-end system offers innovative features, assisting you in your Duty of Care processes


SOS 4.

SOS Alerts User Guide

Using SOS Alerts is easy. Download the Quick Start User Guide to get started today.