United Wi-Fi Passes allow you unlimited mobile data* access to millions of Wi-Fi networks worldwide while you travel worry-free. With a United Wi-Fi Pass, you’ll have access to Wi-Fi Hotspots in supported hotels, airports, restaurants, trains, shopping centres, and open-access areas, allowing you to save on your roaming bills through roaming with Wi-Fi instead of cellular data. 

You won’t have to pay for premium Wi-Fi access with your United Wi-Fi Pass, you will have access to password protected and paid Hotspots. 

Register a United Account and purchase your Wi-Fi Pass online. Your United Wi-Fi Pass will automatically start on the day you set and will expire automatically. Expiry of the Wi-Fi pass will run on UTC standard time.

*Subject to Acceptable Use Policy    
1. Purchase a United Wi-Fi Pass online
2. Download the United Wi-Fi App
3. Login to app and connect to United Hotspots

If you’ve already purchased a Wi-Fi Pass, your United Wi-Fi pass will start on the day you set as your start date. If you’d like to start your pass immediately, you can simply go to My Wi-Fi on the App > Select the pass and tap “Activate Now”.
If you have not yet purchased a Wi-Fi Pass, simply click here to be directed to the website where you can create a United Account and purchase your United Wi-Fi Pass. 

Buy a United Wi-Fi Pass and set the date you wish to start it on. Once your pass has started, you’ll be able to connect to any of our Wi-Fi Hotspots supported. 

To access the network, go to your device Settings > Wi-Fi >Switch Wi-Fi On > Select a network which shows “Check for United Hotspot” under the Hotspot name. 
United Networks has Wi-Fi Hotspots in 180 countries however, not all areas within the country will be supported. You should use the Locate a Hotspot search to check for the cities you are travelling to. Tap “Locate a Hotspot” from the menu and search the cities you’ll be visiting. 
Your username for your Account will be the email address you set up your account with. To reset your password, simply go to the Home Screen on the United App and tap on Log In icon at the top right corner. Now tap on ‘Forgot my password’ and follow the steps in the email you receive. 

Can’t remember the email address you signed up with? Contact our Support Team by email or by phone call for assistance. 
Here’s a few suggestions to help you connect with a United Hotspot:
  1. Try switching Wi-Fi off and back on to re-establish your connection. Simply go to your device Settings > Wi-Fi and disconnect and re-connect Wi-Fi.
  2. You may be in a location that is out of range. Try moving closer to where your Wi-Fi Hotspot is located
  3. Sometimes, if a Wi-Fi Network name shares the same name as one of United’s Wi-Fi Hotspots, the network may show up as ‘United Hotspot’ even though it is not supported. 
  4. Please ensure that your United Wi-Fi App is Open
If you have any other Wi-Fi App open you may need to turn the App off so there is no conflict. In the rare event you may need to delete the alternative App.
You can easily manage and edit your account as well as view your Wi-Fi and usages by logging in to your account on the App. Simply go to My Wi-Fi on the App to view your account details. 
Once you have selected the pass you wish to purchase, you will be prompted to set a start date. You can set the start date as today or you can set the start date of your choosing up to 7 days in the future. Your pass will start at 00:01 UTC time on the date you have selected and end at 22:01 UTC time. 

If you’d like to start your Wi-Fi pass immediately, you can go to My Wi-Fi on the App and start the pack by selecting the “Activate Now” button at any time. We’ll automatically update your pass end date. You can check your Wi-Fi pass details by going to the My Wi-Fi page.
Auto-connect settings allow us to automatically log you in to a United Hotspot after your device detects the United Hotspot and connects to it. This means you wont have to go to your device Settings and scan for Hotspots, your device will automatically do this and connect you to available United Hotspots. In the event your device does not Auto-Connect you can tap the supported networks to connect from your available Wi-Fi list. 

On an iPhone, you will still need to manually select the network for the first time. To do this, you simply go to your iPhone Settings > Wi-Fi and select a network which shows as United Wi-Fi.
If you are having difficulty connecting to United Hotspots, please log out of the App and log back in. Once you see that your device is activated again, you should be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

If the issue persists, please delete the app and redownload the app and login.