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Special Day Bundles for the US

Talk + Text

2.95 AUD/day

What's included? 
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Talk + Text + Data

3.95 AUD/day

What's included? 
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Traveling to the US?

United Global SIM's special US Day Bundles give you:

Unlimited allowances
while you travel

Different bundles to suit you and
your type of travel

US Day Bundles offer you the flexibility and
freedom to roam all over the States

Why Global SIM?

Get a Global SIM for your next trip, wherever you plan to go. With low roaming costs in over 190 countries and cheap data packs available, you'll never have to worry about your international roaming bill again.

  •  Call and text your friends and family
  •  Pay per date. No credit waste
  •  Navigate around a new city with Google Maps
  •  Snap, tweet and post more with a Day Deal
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